Fosse 1 v Loughborough Students 1

Unlucky was the feeling after this game.
The weather was cold rainy and very windy everything you don’t want for a football match.
We played some great football with Gemma scoring the best goal this season giving the Loughborough goalkeeper no chance.
We where on top of the game most of the first half as it came to a close Loughborough has a shot that landed on top of the goal bouncing back into play but Hannah cleared of the line before Loughborough could pounce.
The rain started a lot harder in the second half and with the wind blowing against us there was a lot of defending to do.
We had more chances but they just trickled past the far post.
We though that our luck was in but in the last two minutes there was a mix up between the defence and Kate in goal and the ball became free and Loughborough where able to pounce and equalise.
We had one more attack where we could have scored but Loughborough defended well.