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The Mary Rudkin Foundation

The Mary Rudkin Foundation was introduced at the AGM in May 2018, LCLFC members were asked to nominate a club member who during the season reflected Mary’s spirit by their actions and words.

Mary’s commitment to LCLFC over the years as a player, coach, committee member, mentor and a friend to so many was beyond belief and she will be missed by so many: but never forgotten.

Mary was dedicated to football as a whole and our club in particular. She was a great player herself, played for England, and also loved developing players of all ages, abilities and needs: giving hours of her own time. She started and managed Woodgate our inclusive section. All 3 of Mary’s daughters played for us and her husband Paul supported us in many roles. She is a true legend. Everybody loved Mary. She touched so many lives. Her family continue to run Woodgate keeping her legacy alive.

The Mary Rudkin foundation was launched on August 25th 2019. The foundation was formed with the following intentions .

1. To give Mary a key place in the long standing history of the oldest women’s and girls football club in the UK so that her legacy would never be forgotten.

2. To celebrate a life of football from our greatest ever player who went on to represent her country and then onto her coaching and FA work that had such a profound effect on so many players and coaches.

3. To make a link between the Rudkin families chosen charity “A gift to lift“. This wonderful charity were very involved with the family at the end of Mary’s time with us and Leicester city ladies wanted to continue to fund that charity in any small way we can in honour of Mary.

Mary’s selfless, kind, hardworking and passionate nature were the foundations of the Mary Rudkin Trophy, deservingly awarded each year to those who have shown everything that Mary’s ethos stood for.Our first event in August 2019 launched our Mary Rudkin veterans football team and many past players came neck to represent the club in the new strip and club commemorative badge and take on Doncaster soccer mums and vets. The day was supported by stalls around the pitch , music , awards, and an after party atmosphere to remember such a great lady.

Sadly Covid 19 halted our progress but in true Mary Rudkin fighting spirit we held an event between the veterans and the first team in October 2020. In the toughest restrictions and with people reaching in their pockets at the most cruellest of times we raised 790 pound and 60 percent went to a gift to lift! Our new foundation badge combined the current LCLFC emblem plus the historic 1966 original shield and Mary’s favourite words which she spoke in such bravery as her time with us came closer which was “Live Laugh Love” and the badge adopted this in a Latin format.

In the summer of 2021 we aim to come back strong and celebrate this still relatively new foundation in the best way possible. Don’t forget if you want to be a Mary Rudkin veteran or support our foundation with new ideas then please contact the club!

Year on year we will stand side by side , laugh , love and live the sport and football club that Mary loved.