Manjit Singh Takhar

ManjitFairPlaySport has always been part of my life ever since I was about nine years old at Charnwood Junior School. I remember back in those good old days when we used to have activities such as egg and spoon race, three legged races, wheel barrows and the sack bag run. I started playing football at the age of ten. As anyone can image I was a very active and hyper child at that age. I regularly played Football with a group of friends in the school playground and in the park.
Having a disability since the age of 3 months was difficult as anyone can imagine but life goes on and I never let it get in the way of my education or bother me as a child I remained positive and now it has allowed me to become the ambitious person I am today. In my school days the P.E. teachers did not know what to do with me as there was a lack of understanding and knowledge of dealing with a person with a disability in those years. However nowadays more people have an awareness as it is pretty common.
Being an Inclusive Coach and football player and volunteer with Leicester City Woodgate Inclusive and Loughborough Lions. Coaching and volunteering and supporting various diverse groups. I enjoy Coaching, Playing and volunteering because it’s so rewarding and allows me to develop my life skills it also gives me the chance to meet new people, developing on my existing skills as a coach and respect the players. I enjoy interacting with so many different players who have different abilities.
Being a sports Maker and my involvement with various sports has really had a great impact on others and it allows me to share my passion and experience for the sport and having the physical stamina as one requires to be very energetic and a sports motivator. Being a sports maker is all about having fun but also keeping safe and being involved with the sports no matter what the disability.
My Dream as someone who is partially sighted would be to set up an Inclusive Futsal team within Leicestershire and Rutland. I believe it would be challenging but very rewarding looking into my future dream. It will be very beneficial for everyone as I have the passion and desire and being a very enthusiastic individual who always go the extra mile to support the future generation I believe it would benefit all players hugely as they would become more involved and for me to be their Role model and Mentor for them to be inspired. I would one day love the opportunity of become an Ambassador for the Inclusive Club.