Meet the LCLFC Committee

Leicester City Ladies Committee 2019/20

CEO Steve Crayfourd

Chairman Steve Crayfourd

Vice-Chairman Nathan Curtis

General Secretary Sue Foulkes

Director of Football Matt Cook

Welfare Officers Sue Foulkes & Anita Robinson

Treasurer Chloe Dexter

Junior Secretary Meg Footman

Club Co-ordinator Otis Msundire

Minutes Secretary Chloe Dexter

Disability Manager Helen Sugarman

Fundraising Ciara Audley

Media Maria Beale

Due to the Covid 19 Government regulations, the 2020 Club AGM has had to be postponed. The Committee are hard at work restructuring and appointing personnel to take the club into the 2020/21 season, pending an AGM when possible.

We are currently looking to appoint new people to roles including a new Chairman. See the advert tab on the HOME page.

Also needed are people to work on sub-committees for media and fundraising.